Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Andi went to a little friend's birthday party last Saturday. It was a lot of fun, and it gave me a chance to see how she interacted with other kids her same age. Still definitely delayed, but she is playing so much better with other children!

 They played on the playground, painted masks, and had yummy treats.

Andi did NOT like me taking her picture.

She did, however, really like the PB&J and goldfish crackers they served.
 After the party we went and picked up a couple of friends for the kids to play with. The Y-family is moving and they were SO incredibly busy getting the house into list-able condition (they've got six kids) we had not been able to settle a time to play one last time and say good-bye. So I just decided we'd get the kids and have a play date at our house.

Andi and Melia have been best friends this last year. They pitch fits in nursery if they don't get to sit together, they are always playing together, and when Melia introduced Andi to her grandmother a couple months ago Melia said "This is my best friend, Andi."
This move is going to be hardest on Andi, I think , who does not play with other kids the way she plays with Melia. Watching these two play right after I'd watched her play with a bunch of other kids I realized how close these two have gotten. I am really glad we're doing pre-school with Andi this year because it will give her the opportunity to get to know the other kids at church in a way that she has not before. I also think it will really help her with her speech development (we only have four sessions left with Ms. Olga!!!!).

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