Sunday, August 18, 2013

Walking is very beneficial exercise

No gonna lie, life has really been rough lately. Between running around all over creation last week for Peter's surgery stuff and just maintaining some sense of order at home I was maxed out. Jonathan's counselor suggested he get out and go camping by himself sometimes, and I totally agreed. We planned to drive him up to a site and let him camp for a week, kid-free, so he could recharge. So he decided to fix a few things on the car (thanks, Hon!!) and make sure we wouldn't end up stranded anywhere while he was gone.

Well, he found a bolt on the brakes that was stripped out. Not good. So we postponed his departure a day and took the car to the shop for an eval. Prognosis was not good. General wear-and-tear is getting to the car and the mechanic didn't even want to watch Jonathan drive off the lot. Tie-rods (??) need replacing, brake bolts need fixing, and something about the rods and pistons for a power steering leak... I dunno! Crazy car speak, I don't speak it. But it all adds up to lots of $$, and suddenly Jonathan's trip got canceled.

I was certainly tired of getting thousands of dollars of bad news, and I needed to walk it off. So I walked to our garden. It was a beautiful, 6.6 mile walk (I measured it later). And by the time I'd gotten to the garden I'd had time to process things, feel a bit better, and handle life. I called Jonathan and had him pick me up (I had HUGE blisters on my feet and was quite sore), and arrived home feeling much better. Not better about our circumstances, but better about handling them. Time with God will do that to a person. I guess I just sort of realized how true it is that a journey begins and ends with a single step. And really, I can only take life one step at a time, so why be so stressed about it? Being miserable sucks, and since I've got a choice between misery and being happy... Well, I've been trying the miserable thing and it just ain't fun. I think I'll choose happy. And take life a step at a time. :)

The next day I was hurting. Hips, feet, legs, back. Sore doesn't even cover. So we walked it off with a half mile family walk to DQ where they were having a special on ice cream sandwiches because someone didn't come and pick up the 300 boxes they'd ordered.

 Even Pete got a tiny taste of the ice cream part. He thought it was really cold.

We enjoyed the time together, then set off for home. We stopped and let Peter observe the leaves as we went.

Tomorrow we're all taking another walk. To pick up a rental car so we can drop off our van at the mechanic. That's a three mile walk.

One step at a time. :)

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