Monday, August 12, 2013

Peter's Teeth

Peter had a few days where he was inconsolable that last week of July. I hardly slept, Jonathan definitely didn't sleep, and Peter cried and cried. We finally realized that he'd cut a tooth a few days after it had been there a while. It explained a lot.

We've finally gotten a surgery date for Peter's teeth. Next Friday he will be the first one in the OR, so we have to have him in at the children's hospital an hour away at 6:00 a.m. As he still nurses through the night I am really terrified of next Thursday night. I have a feeling we will not sleep at all. But it will be worth it to finally have Peter's lip tie resolved, be able to nurse freely and without pain, and to have the ugly, giant cavities he has fixed. Poor baby. :(

In other news, that BABY is standing on his own! He has been practicing standing for a whole week now, and he's getting really good. I'm a little upset about that because every time I see him at it I make him sit down. I know that as soon as he starts standing he will start walking, and then he will start running, and then he really won't be a baby anymore. I'm not ready for that, nor am I ready to run after him. I know it is going to happen eventually, but I'd be happy if he'd wait another six months before he decided he was ready to walk. Crazy baby.

And now, for some real, baby cuteness:

And if you are wondering why his eye is so red it is because his blocked tear duct has been really awful lately. Again, Poor baby. He'll probably have ANOTHER procedure for that one, it hasn't cleared up at all since birth. :(

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