Thursday, August 22, 2013


Morning bike ride.

We went 5.5 miles.

David was tired by the end.

Andi and Peter liked riding in their trailer.

After lunch we picked up our car. They had a fun Go-Cart in the shop.

Kids were excited to try it out.

We got home. Peter was exhausted.

I taught a quick piano lesson then went to the awards ceremony for the library's Summer Reading Program.

Andi was so proud of herself.
David, too.

And they got lots of fun things as prizes.

The best part is the ice cream they give out at the ceremony.

After dinner we went and picked pears.

The kids enjoyed it for about thirty seconds.

Then Andi and Peter ran off to the slide and playground our friends have in their backyard.

Little while late it was just me and Jonathan collecting pears.

We got two bags. We'll be making lots of canned pears, jellies, and preserves. Yum.

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