Friday, August 23, 2013


The morning started at 4:30 a.m. I got up, got ready, ate breakfast (Jonathan made it or I would not have eaten), then got Peter. We were out the door at 5:00 and arrived at the hospital to get him check in and registered. After that it was a waiting game until about 7:00 when they took us back and got the pre-op stuff rolling for his frenulectomy, x-rays, and dental repairs.

Despite the fact he was really hungry and tired, Peter played well and was really happy the whole time he got prodded and measured and weighed. He was happy to inspect everything, and play with everyone.

They took him back and I went back to the waiting room and... well.... waited. Since I knew this would be a longer surgery than Andi's, and I knew that just sitting there would make me crazy, I brought along some crocheting to keep myself focused and occupied. It worked. I didn't get anxious until I saw the doctor and he told me I had to wait until I could see Peter.

 I was so happy to finally get him back in my arms! He looked like he'd seen better days, but he was really excited to nurse. And for the first time ever it was completely pain free!! He wasn't using his neck muscles to suck, and it was a breeze.

The anesthesia was hard on him. He was super cranky and disoriented. He kept tipping over randomly, so I had to keep a pretty good hold on him. Sucking his fingers was difficult, so he was upset about that. We got home and he went down for a nap. Once up he was very happy to see everyone and play. I'm worried about his stitches, but I'm watching them. I'm afraid he may have busted them out of the incision on his lip...

So here is the crochet project I worked on during Peter's surgery:

I turned around and made another one in pink for Andi. Super easy and fast, I love it! And cute to boot! :)

And now, proof that my kids eat their veggies:
They are chowing down on kale chips. Andi shocked a lady at Meijer today by downing a slice of cucumber. I explained that we really only ever have veggies around, they are always asking for seconds of their salads. I get that my kids are weird, though. They ate that entire pan of kale chips in about five minutes. Weird, I know.

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