Saturday, August 31, 2013


 David's frog book came in. It looks great!! The pictures are crisp and clear, and it is even cooler because David wrote it and designed it all himself. In the process he earned several Cub Scout belt-loops and passed off a couple of Tiger electives. Belt loops: Communicating, Pet Care, Computers, Photography, and Reading and Writing. Wahoo! And he is half-way to his Tiger cub rank. He's pretty excited, our first pack meeting for the new year is next Thursday.

We brought in quite the haul from the garden today. Tons of carrots, a few tomatoes, a couple cucumbers, a wimpy watermelon, and two potatoes. The cucumbers are done. The pumpkin keeps putting out flowers but at this point I don't think it is actually going to do anything. We've got a couple more watermelons on the vine, TONS of green tomatoes, and a whole other square foot of carrots. By the way, nothing beats the flavor of a home-grown carrot. They are so good that store-bought carrots taste like paper in comparison. Really, they do. Our kale is getting huge, the onions are getting tall, my eggplant randomly grew two feet over two weeks and has five or six flowers. Hopefully that means we'll get more eggplants. That would be nice. Next week the weather is going to only hit highs in the mid-70's. I think I'll plant some more peas and a bunch of lettuce then we'll call it a year.

And Jonathan and I were released from our callings a few weeks ago. It has been a month and we still don't have callings. I've given up and am going to go volunteer in Primary since I'm pretty sure that is where they are going to stick me anyway. Why prolong the inevitable, right?

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