Monday, August 5, 2013

Long awaited visitor

The tooth fairy is coming to visit tonight for the first time...

That tooth has been loose for months but David has been afraid to wiggle it. This morning he used his teeth to pull apart a lego (yes, we told him what a terrible idea that is), and it REALLY loosened that tooth. Five minutes later he came back in the room visibly shaken, tooth in hand. But he quickly got excited because he'll be getting a dollar from the tooth fairy. :)

And now I find myself strangely attached to that baby tooth. I half mocked my mom a few weeks ago when she said she kept all of our baby teeth. But after getting that little thing in my hand I sort of understand why she did it... Sorry, Mom! I should know better than to say "I'll never do that" because I invariably do exactly what I swore I'd never do (the one exception is licking my thumb to clean my kids' faces. I was never a fan of having spit rubbed on my face, pretty sure I would have gotten in big trouble if I'd licked my mom's face. I swore as a kid that I'd always have wipes to do that with my kids. And I have. Always. I've never used my spit to clean a face.).

So David carefully, and proudly, placed his baby tooth in his tooth fairy pillow. I'm sure he fell asleep thinking of all the things he was going to buy. And tonight I will dream of baby teeth, big teeth, and the looming need for braces.

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