Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 David had his dentist appointment yesterday. He got a clean bill of health, no cavities. I tried to give him a high five but he said, "Mom, I don't do that."

He did enjoy the cool prizes he got for being such a good patient. A sticky-footed bug that is kinda cool, and a bunch of stickers.

We did learn that David has ground his teeth down something fierce. His canines are flat across the top, and he's ground a big groove into the top one on the right that his lower tooth fits into. Dr. Martin recommended an appliance that will space David's teeth out and discourage him from grinding. He also recommended getting David's tongue-tie clipped because it is causing crowding issues in his bottom teeth. So I'm off to find someone that can take care of that for me since he cannot..... yay...... not.

Andi has her appointment next month. She was all upset about not having a new toothbrush tonight and said she needed to go to the dentist, too. Ha!

Made water kefir a few days ago and my first brew was a success! Everyone enjoyed having "soda" with dinner last night, and I was glad to have be able to add some extra probiotic goodies to our diet. The milk kefir has been a weird one to get used to, personally. It has a very yeasty flavor that was totally unexpected. Turns out it is normal for kefir to have that, store-bough kefir is just processed differently so it has less of the probiotics and no yeast flavor. So I'm enjoying the fresh milk kefir, it just was different than expected. But the water kefirs are a smashing success! We had a ginger/lemon one last night, I'm making cranberry for tonight. Yum! Now if my kombucha SKOBY would just get here....

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