Monday, April 4, 2016

Back at it

This was a weird day. It was weird to not have somewhere to be. It was weird to drop the kids off at school. It was weird to have just Peter at home. It was weird to have nap time. I guess that's what happens when Spring Break is over and the usual routine must begin again.

I missed having the big kids around. I have good kids. I was talking to our landlord today (happens frequently, he's a really nice guy and living over his shop means we see him a lot) and he mentioned how he just loves seeing the kids and watching them follow me and Jonathan. He said "You have such a lovely family." High praise, because I often wonder just how noisy we are and if we are too much for the shop. I guess not!

After cleaning the dining room and living room Peter and I played, read books, ate lunch, and then napped. It was an easy-peasy lemon-squeezie day. It was good for my cold, I'm feeling tons better. 

After picking the big kids up from school we grabbed Jonathan and went to WalMart for some supplies. I put book shelves up in the kids' room in a funny nook and we needed the buckets that fit in their shelves.

(Don't you love how crooked it looks? That's our crooked apartment for ya.)

That odd little space had nothing there. It was too narrow for the IKEA shelf we had in their room, but I finally decided it needed to change. We need more floor space in that room, and that nook was just wasted space. Up went the shelves, on Craigslist went the old shelf (it sold a day later), and now all of the books and toys are happily situated on their new shelf.

I also took the opportunity to get rid of some of the toys. We do that pretty regularly around here. They are each limited to 20 items, and I instigated a new rule that it all had to fit in their new, smaller cube buckets. Fortunately we don't have the tantrums over this rule that we used to have. Although now I need to make them go through the stuffed animals... That might be tricky, especially for Andrea and her unicorn herd.

Soon I hope to get rid of the three little dressers and replace them with one large dresser that the kids can all share. David's clothes are outgrowing his dresser and he needs deeper drawers. Hopefully Craigslist can provide something marvelous. 

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