Saturday, April 9, 2016


Today was a pretty laid back day. I went to the community garden meeting with Andi this morning. We got out plot for the year. It's a big one. I hope we have success. 

Speaking of spring and gardens.... It snowed most of the morning. Big fat flakes. I hate snow.

After lunch David went to play with a friend for the afternoon while the rest of us drove out the the base. Jonathan had a few things he needed from the PX for drill. We figured we would go ahead and do our week's shopping while there. Good call. The prices were fantastic! I won't be making two hour trips every week for groceries but it was nice today. They also had the same funny carts I remembered from being a kid and shopping g on base. They loaded our bags onto them as we were checking out.

After getting everything we needed I insisted on driving up to the edge of the base to check out Lake St. Clair. It is huge! 
Funny thing is this isn't even one of the Great Lakes. They get bigger! 

After seeing the lake we stopped at the chocolate factory (3 minutes down the road) and the littles got ice cream. 

Then we went home. We picked up David, the kids all showered, dishes and laundry and a show got done.

It was a good day.

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