Monday, April 11, 2016

Motherhood is my favorite hat

I'm more than a mom, but it's really my favorite hat. Even when the three-year-old throws himself on the ground when you tell him "No, I'm not buying you candy today. You didn't eat all (any) of your lunch." He ended up with a bloody lip. Poor kid.

And motherhood is my favorite hat, even when there are arguments and complaining and dinner is gross. Although they loved the kale chips.

And motherhood is my favorite hat, even when I get home from a less-than-stellar meeting this evening and two kids are sobbing and another is angry and there's so much more to do...

Motherhood is my favorite hat because I get to see moments like this:

David helping Andrea read scriptures this morning.

Oh, and I get to take a few minutes to dry tears and cuddle and kiss littles. I get to warm up a little milk and honey. I get to invite littles to the table and ask them about their days while they sip their milk and honey. Their bedtime redo was much more pleasant.

So. While today wasn't the greatest (the bloody lip and bedtime meltdowns were really bad), there were moments today that were sweet and good. 

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