Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break Adventure V

Our last Spring Break Adventures day was pleasant. It was cloudy this morning, and bright and sunny this afternoon, but the nippy airs foretells the snowstorm we are getting tomorrow.

We went to Kensington again today. This time we stopped by the Farm Center to see all the animals. Early spring is my favorite because there are so many babies to see.

A pair of lambs the were born yesterday. They were pretty wobbly on their feet, which made them even more adorable.
They both still had there tails. I've never actually seen lambs with tails, it was really funny. They are a lot longer than I'd realized. 
The piglets were noisy. They get big so quickly. Their poor mother kept sitting on them because there just wasn't room for everyone in their stall. I have a feeling those piglets will be sold off here very soon.

After the farm we visited Costco. I'm had a very short list, but there were lots of samples. Our trip took a while. We got home, took naps, and then went swimming at the rec pool. It was a lot of fun, way more grand than the YMCA pool. Hopefully the kids aren't bored of our usual pool after today.

After swimming for a couple hours I took the kids to Buddy's Pizza. They have some of the BEST pizza I've ever had, and we got coupons for $4 off pizzas from the DIA and the zoo this week. It was all very yummy, made yummier by the fact that I didn't have to cook it. After a solid week of non-stop going it was a great way to end our Spring Break.

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