Friday, April 8, 2016


A trip to the barn this morning was rewarded with new lambs and kids. And there are four ewes in the barn that will be lambing soon. How fun!

Peter, of course, loved it. He was not happy when it was time to go home an hour later. 

The cows were in the shed today. I think the two dairy cows are expecting soon-ish. One definitely looks pregnant, the other looks like she might be but it would be her first calf so it is hard to tell.
Peter thought the cows were great, but he didn't want to pet them. He said they were too huge and stinky.

The rest of the day was spent doing chores and taking naps. This evening I went to the temple. It was nice to get out on my own and spend a few hours somewhere peaceful.

There are days where I need peace more than others. This week has been rough. I've been looking forward to my Friday night away all week. Now I feel rested and refreshed and ready for the next week. Hopefully the weather will be better, gloomy weather (and the stupid friggin' snow!!!) have only added to the drudgery that was this week.

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