Sunday, April 3, 2016

Conference Sunday

Andrea finished her scarf. It is very cute, but I totally forgot to take a picture.

David finished two patchwork pillows.

Peter sucked his fingers and twirled his hair, as he is wont to do.

After conference we had the orange rolls I usually make for breakfast. I really wasn't feeling the greatest this morning. A hacking cough made for no sleep, so I was sluggish all morning. But I managed to make our rolls for dinner. I use my mom's normal bread recipe, halve it, and instead of butter and cinnamon-sugar I slather on a nice layer of orange marmalade before rolling it up, cutting, and baking. A thin cream cheese glaze with some orange extract makes it super tasty.

And after dinner Andrea finished up her Spring Break homework pack. David didn't get one, he was just told to read 10 minutes every day. I don't know why my kindergartner had to have a home work packet... Oh well. She did it. She likes math, so she really didn't care. Now getting her to read? That's a little like dragging a stubborn mule around.

After the kids were in bed it was time to do Jonathan's drill cut. Not my favorite cut, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. 

I hope he'll pass inspection. I need a YouTube tutorial for a high and tight. Every video I've watched has comments from servicemen saying the cut is wrong. Oh well. I'll get it eventually. Maybe next time he needs a cut we will go on base and I'll watch a barber there.

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