Sunday, April 10, 2016


It is solidly spring. And we had a snow storm today.


Choir practice went well today. I think everyone has their parts. I went through every copy of music and highlighted and red penciled dynamics. I hope it helps. We sing next week for Ward Conference. I think they'll knock out socks off. The last chord about made me melt.

Then we got home from church and froze. Not sure why, but our apartment is an ice box at the moment. I think the boiler is having trouble with this bipolar weather we've been having. So we are cold. (I'm sensing a theme.... I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather this week!!)

Yesterday we watched Singin' In the Rain with the kids. They tried to not like it. They failed. Today we turn on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Again they tried to not like it, but David made us promise to not watch the rest without him. I think our subtle plan to make the kids fall in love with old musicals is working... ;)

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