Thursday, April 7, 2016


Pete was all smiles at lunch yesterday. I asked a friend to come with me to the other side of Ann Arbor while I met with a man about a dresser. This dresser, actually:
It is sturdy and looks like it will last a lifetime. The man I bought it from had it from when he was a teenager. It was hard for him to part with, but I assured him we'd take good care of it and my kids would appreciate it.

I treated my helping friend to lunch as a thank you. Peter was so excited to get out and have something other than peanut butter and jelly. Yummy hotdogs always beat out pb&j.

The same friend left us a new, terrible card game. It is hilarious. Don't play it. The above pair has been my favorite combo so far.

I'm also a horrible person so that card game is perfect for me. I'd totally be parent B:

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Things get to slow down some. David started his computer programming class today so I made a few extra trips to the school today. I'm hopeful the class is a good thing, he came home in tears today. He asked for the class for his birthday in lieu of going to Cedar Point. I kinda want to go to Cedar Point. The class had better be worth it. 

Andi is so happy to be back at school. She enjoyed spring break, but she loves school. She comes home chipper and chatty, ready to tell me all about her day as she helps me to cook. She especially enjoys making our daily bread loaf. I found a nice bread machine on Craigslist a few weeks back and we've been making a little loaf every day. Andrea loves it. She says she wants to be a chef some day.

So those are the updates for the day. We are happy and healthy and ready for the weekend.

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