Saturday, April 2, 2016

Conference projects

It's Conference time again. I usually work on a sewing project as I listen. This time I'm crocheting more washcloths. Purple today.

Andrea got set up on the circle loom and is making scarf for herself out of my Grandma Grethchen's yarn. She's in love with the color red, and Grandma had a bunch of soft red yarn that I got when Grandpa gave me all of her craft stuff. Andi will be quite happy with her little red scarf, and it will be comfy and warm. Sadly, we need that right now. Forecast has snow for us three days this week. Ugh.

I sat David down with a needle and thread and my scrap bucket. I told him to have at it. He has. He's making a patchwork something. He also spent time with his Legos, but that got noisy.

Peter sucked his fingers and twirled his hair, as he is wont to do.

Jonathan napped.

Day 1 of conference was uplifting and instructive. Always more that I can do to be a better mom.

We had leftovers for dinner. Our fridge is very full, and I am feeling cruddy with a cough and a cold, so I really didn't want to cook.

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