Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bookish boy and other things

We've made a thing of going to the library once a week and getting a huge stack of books. Peter adores having his new books to read every week. He is much more careful with books at this age than either of his siblings were. I read a lot more with the kids now than I did when the bigger ones were little. I think I was so absorbed with my own school work that I never got into the habit with David. Now I'm getting into the habit!

Peter is much the same has he's been for the last couple of months. The swelling in his belly comes and goes in intensity, he's pretty consistently swollen. He woke up Saturday morning with a normal belly for the first time in weeks! But Sunday the swelling was back. And we celebrated a solid bm twice about two days apart. But then everything else has been the nasty diarrhea. Just another day and we'll be seeing a specialist. We'll get this taken care of, I know we will.

My visiting teacher stopped by on Sunday. Tina has become a good friend here, and I'm grateful for her perspective and support. After I told her about a blessing Peter received, and how it was NOT what I wanted to hear, she mentioned that maybe this experience will be a testimony builder for my kids. She suggested that maybe my children will need to be able to testify to others of the power of prayer, of the strength and support of a ward family, of faith... and that this experience would be that seed that would sprout that testimony. In the moment it was exactly what I needed to hear. In that moment it was nice to be reminded that Heavenly Father has a plan and that I can trust in that plan, even if I don't have the course mapped out for me.

So more prayers. More thoughts. The bishop stopped by and offered some very comforting words regarding little Pete. All will be well, I am confident of that.

In the mean time we got some wonderful news. The May family will be adding another son to its clan on August 16th! Jonathan's little sister is engaged to be married. They are having a destination wedding in Nauvoo, so we all might actually be able to go. We also received word that we are getting another nephew this summer! That makes seven grandbabies for my in-laws. How happy they must be. It is funny, I get so wrapped up in Peter and my kids I forget that the world keeps turning elsewhere. Ha!

Less than a week until Holly and Henry come visit. Little more than a week before my parents and Emma come up. I am so unbelievably excited!

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