Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Radio Station Tour

David's last requirement for Tigers was to visit a TV or radio station. No one was planning a trip with our old pack, the pack we are transferring to already went (in fact, all of their Tigers earned their award at their Blue and Gold a month ago), so it was up to me to figure something out. I emailed and called a few placed but had had no luck and was starting in on Plan B: call the local schools. By a great stroke of luck our local home school network managed to set up a tour at a local radio station and we were able to get in on the tour. It was a lot of fun, very informative, and it felt so good to get that last requirement out of the way! (David is in the red shirt in all of the following pics.)

 We toured four different sister-stations all broadcasting under the CBS umbrella. There was the pop station, oldies, sports, and country.
 Each had a dedicated sales team, traffic controllers (lined up ads and made sure competitors never aired next to each other), and lead guy that picked the music (different from the DJs). The guy giving us the tour was the events coordinator for ALL of those stations.

We saw the computer room! It was insane. Just like the super computer rooms in movies. And J didn't have access to the room (very few people do, turns out).

We caught the bosses all in the middle of a very heated round of ping-pong in the network-wide Ping Pong Tournament. It was intense...

 David and Liam (my old piano student) LOVED the oldies station lounge. They had a Pac Man machine and a pinball machine.
 Oh, and a disco ball:
 Groovy... :)

The country station lounge had chairs with denim covers. Totally cute! David wants one.

We got to talk to the country DJs. They were both really nice, told the kids to stay in school and be nice to their teachers. The parents laughed, the kids were confused.

 Guitars signed by famous people... Don't remember who...

Our jolly tour guide gave us a pop quiz on the way out.

We passed the newsroom last where the guy was on air. His studio looks out onto "the hive" where a large team spends a lot of time on computers looking for news stories. 

And then it was done! And David's final requirement was complete. And he had fun to boot. So nice when things that must be done end up being fun, too. ;)

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