Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Break : Day 2

We opted to day for a cycling adventure! We decided to ride into the metro park down the road from us and have a picnic. Jonathan stayed home to... do something, no idea what. I think he was getting ready for scouts and working on some sort of paper he has due at school. He took a break long enough to snap a picture of us before we embarked on our journey.

Andi lasted about five minutes on her bike before she said she wanted to ride in the trailer. I knew that would happen. Really glad it happened within walking distance of the house so David could run her bike back while I got everyone settled in the trailer.

The ride was a lot longer than I'd anticipated. And hillier. Oh so much more hilly than I'd expected. Poor David was a real trooper and we made it to the Farm Center just under an hour after we'd left. After lunch we wandered around looking at all of the animals.

Pile of piggies! The sow from last time had her piglets on Saturday, seven in all! They were adorable, and the kids were so frustrated that they were all just out of reach. (I think the piglets did that on purpose...)

This little goat gang cracked me up. We weren't the only ones enjoying the sunshine.

Barred rock hens! I miss having chickens a lot sometimes.

Big pigs...

Peter adored this calf:
 Though he was a little confused about what to do with his fingers once she'd licked them all...

We ran around in the grass for a while before deciding it was time to head home. We all got a drink of water and wandered through the barn one last time.
Mothers always make the best beds...

The ride back seemed shorter but harder. David and I were pretty worn out, the wind was against us, and I was hauling an extra 50-ish pounds in that trailer. David found it easier to cycle behind me (of course, breaking the wind) and kept up so well. We made it back home sunburnt, tired, and sore. David has declared he never wants to ride that far again. I would like to do it without hauling the trailer.  But now I really know the trails and am excited to hit them tomorrow for my run.

And just how far did we go? 11.7 miles. Maybe I'll be able to run that someday... :)

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