Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter weekend

I ran the Easter Dash 5k Saturday morning. Not my best time, but it was still fun. I like getting out with a big group of people and running/walking and feeling that camaraderie that comes with running these races. I'm looking at another one at the metro park we keep visiting that is run at the end of June. Looks like fun.
 Funny note: the man who took best time for the 10k race ran the race in 32 minutes. That's a five-minute mile. He was also wearing tiny yellow shorts and a yellow tank top in 34 degree weather. I was impressed.

After the race I quickly finished frosting a wedding cake I made and got it off to the church.

The bride doesn't like cake, so the bride and groom got a matching ice cream cake. My first time making an ice cream cake. I don't like making them...
But it turned out well. I was pleased. I came back to help serve the cake and watch everyone dance. It was a fun little wedding, lots of people, and everyone enjoyed the cakes. I am sick of frosting and cake. Sugared out, that's me.

After leaving the reception (early) I stopped at 5 Below to get things for the family Easter basket. Up to that point my weekend had been wrapped up in making the cakes, a basket was the last thing on my mind. But I knew the kids would appreciate something. Everyone got a sock monkey and a plant kit. We got a jar of jelly beans to share and a set of sidewalk chalk for everyone. Threw it all into one big basket and TA-DA!! Slacker Mom comes out on top! Next year I will try not to take on a cake the weekend of Easter when the week has been filled with one doctor appointment after another. Maybe then I can make Easter something special and not just need a massive nap Easter Sunday.

Definitely not going to miss the Easter Dash next year, though. :)

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