Monday, April 7, 2014

Scrap book

David needed to make a family scrap book for one of his last two requirements for his Tiger award. We collected pictures from FB and printed off photos that family sent, David picked out a stack of scrap book paper and a book, and he got to work.
 A little bit every day he's been working on creating new pages. He really liked how this one turned out:

Every night he pulls out his scrap book and looks at all of the smiling people in his photos. He really misses our family. I didn't know how much 3-year-old David would remember about Texas. Almost 7-year-old David remembers a lot. And he really, really misses everyone. I am really looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip and I'm sure David is, too. He can't wait to take more pictures and see everyone again. He'll have a lot more pages to add to his scrap book during Christmas break!

During conference on Sunday we all worked on our various projects. I'd just finished Andi's Easter dress and was working on my own dress. Jonathan was laminating his new Amateur Radio license. David was working on his scrapbook. I noticed at some point that he was shuffling through his pictures rather quickly like he'd lost something. Then he picked out one picture and asked, "Mom, is this you?" It wasn't. It was actually a picture from a trip to California when David was just over a year old. Emma was holding a very sandy David after a trip to the beach, and I snapped a photo of the two cuties.
"Nope. That's Auntie Emma."

He shuffled around a bit more and then said, rather frustrated, "I can't find the pictures of you!"

"Pictures of me?"

"Yeah. The pictures of you and me!"

"Well, I didn't print any, David."

"Oh. Will you?"

....... "David, I don't have any pictures of you and me."

I actively avoid the camera. I hate pictures of myself. I have terrible body image issues, all of which are totally well-founded and justifiable. But I was struck that no matter what I look like my little guy still wants me in his book of family, in the book filled with people who love and care for him. And why shouldn't I be there?? I gave BIRTH to him, for heaven's sake. I, more than anyone, belong in that book. But I won't put myself in pictures because I'm the last person I want to see in them.

I read an article (blog?) a long time ago about a mom who declared that she would put herself, frump and all, into photos with the kids. At the time I said "More power to you! I'd never ever do that. Not happening." Well. I learned today that I'm pretty dang important to my kids and they want to remember me. David needs me out from behind that camera sometimes and next to him. So I'm swallowing my pride, and David and I are going to be in pictures together more often. And Andrea and I. And PETER and I.

So there's picture one. I think I'm going to find a photo booth this week and get photos with my little guy. Spring break shenanigans will be had!

PS - How do you like my Easter dress? ;)

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  1. So did you make that dress? I love it!!!!! And you look great and you do need some pictures with you and your kids. :) Miss you!