Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break : Day 4

We made it to a park!

 We went while Jonathan was at his doctor appointment. Fun fun for everyone!

Jonathan and I also got in to the dentist that morning. No cavities for me! But I have a spot that I've ground down on one of my teeth where the enamel is gone. I'm getting a filling so my teeth won't be so sensitive and so it can compensate for the shape of my teeth. He's going to file down the top teeth and fill the bottom. That way I won't wear away any more of my teeth. Hey, no cavities. Wahoo.

Jonathan goes back next week to lay out a plan of action for his mouth full of cavities. Poor guy. I don't know anyone who takes as good a care of his teeth as Jonathan, yet he inherited the worst teeth ever and has a cavity in almost every tooth. We're crossing our fingers that the kids inherit MY teeth.

We got home just in time for Peter's next blowout for the day. This one was pretty bad. I wiped him down and stuck him in the tub because he just smelled terribly. Poor little guy.

He's awfully cute, though!

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