Thursday, April 10, 2014

Peter... again.

So I mentioned how poopy Peter has been lately on a blog a couple weeks ago. Here's an update.

We went back to the doctor yesterday. His skin rash has not changed significantly, and he is still having massive explosions every couple of days with nothing between mess days.

And then a couple weeks ago, right after our initial visit, Peter came down with a cold. I thought it was allergies at first, but it quickly turned into something else. Fever, running nose, horrible cough that was keeping him up all night. I thought it had gone away, but the doctors said yesterday that his lungs sound really cruddy.

So I'm really worried. He lost 1.5 pounds in the two weeks between the initial visit and yesterday, and that's what we were really hoping would not happen. We've moved onto the next phase: we continue with our gluten/dairy free diet for Peter, but we've now submitted a stool sample and are running labs on that. Next step is blood work if nothing shows up on the stool panel.

Peter's immune system has also been pretty weakened. Closed door spaces with lots of exposure to other kids and germs is off-limits. We can still hit up the parks, it would be good for him to get outside, but we need to limit his exposure to other germs so he doesn't get more sick. I suppose it is a good thing my child care plan hasn't gone anywhere yet, I need to get Peter healthy before introducing more kids to the mix!

So all of this may turn out to be a simple fix, and he may be healthy in no time. But Dr. Google has not been helping me feel any better about this situation, and I'm really nervous about my poor, happy little guy. Some prayers would be appreciated. And prayers for speedy recovery and a quick fix. Yeah. That would make it all better. :)

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