Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break : Day 1

It was supposed to rain all day Monday. It didn't, but I prepared activities for the kids so that we could be out of the rain but still having some real fun. So of course that meant that I HAD to take the kids to IKEA. :)

I went with a need for ONE thing. And I walked out with that ONE thing: a frame for the mystery dress I found in my tote of Grandma's needlepoint. I can't remember if it something my mom brought up to me when she brought some other things from Grandpa's house, but I found it again and looked into it a bit more, yet have no idea what the story behind this gorgeous dress is. So, for now, it hangs in Andi's room.

Jonathan and I were also talking about David and his need for a hobby recently. He LOVES to build things. He's always finding random things (twist-ties, old bread ties, boxes, rings, whatever...) and building interesting things with them. We wondered if maybe he would be interested in building models. I asked my dad about it and then took David to Hobby Lobby to pick out his first model as a project for the week.

With no help from me David snapped...


 Snapped and filed....
 And assembled some more.
 In about 20 minutes he had this:
 And I realized that I had no other projects for him for the rest of the week. Great. Scrap book time!! :D

At some point in the day, probably while taking all of the above photos, I realized that David's hair had gotten rather unruly. Hair cut time! And there were NO cuts on my fingers this time. Wahoo!

I think I'm getting the hang of those scissor cuts. Saved me $12 right there! The scissors Emma got for me for Christmas were the best gift ever. Seriously. When she comes to visit next month I'll have her watch me trim up his hair so she can give me a few extra pointers. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have her teach me how to cut Andi's hair... maybe not. I'll spend $12 on a girl's hair!

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