Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break : Day 3

Wednesday did not go according to plan. We had planned on a picnic lunch at the park, playing on the swings and slides, and generally having a grand day outside. Instead, Peter woke up looking like this:

 With one eye swollen shut, and absolutely no clue how it had happened, we consulted Dr. Google and decided that, with his respiratory infection he'd had the last couple weeks, we needed to take him in to rule out crazy infections. Especially since Benadryl did NOTHING to help the swelling go down.

The kids were so thrilled to have make a last minute trip to the doc.

I wasn't terribly pleased either. But after playing in the cupboards while we waited they settled down some.

Peter had a fit over the doctor we saw. He tried cleaning Peter's ears out with some sort of solution. Peter want nuts. Wouldn't let the doc touch him again. With ANYTHING. He had to call in his attending and give him a few minutes before Peter would let her touch him. It was insane. But we finally got an answer: the swollen eye was due to the respiratory infection, just watch it. Peter's ears were pink, slight infection, but it would probably clear up soon so no antibiotics. The diarrhea was a major concern, so we're starting the testing. But you already know about all of that. So yeah.

We spent a couple hours in that office, and I was sure frazzled by the time we got out. I felt terrible, but I had to call and cancel our dinner appointment with the sister missionaries. There was just NO way I'd be able to get home and cook something for them by 5:00 when I was over an hour from home and it was 4:00. Yeah, not happening. So we're rescheduling and we'll have fun another night.

Everyone was treated to a movie and an early bedtime when we got home.

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