Saturday, April 26, 2014


Big day at church this last week, it being Easter and all. I played piano for the choir then sang in the women's group. Jonathan actually got to come to church! Mostly to keep an eye on the kids since I was going to be up in the stand so much.
 Three of us wore our new church outfits. I'm still working on David's outfit. Hopefully I'll have it finished before Mother's Day.

When we got home we fed the kids a quick lunch and then assembled baskets and went out for our egg hunt. Unfortunately we couldn't find Andi as we were trying to get outside. Fortunately we found when we stepped out the door. She'd found all the eggs.

A few of the eggs I'd taken particular care to hide really well were left, David got those.
 I helped Peter to some eggs...

 In the end everyone was happy.
We divided the eggs evenly so everyone had the same amount. Thanks to Gran for sending the eggs and the dollar coins. Andi and David love getting those coins.

Then we had quiet time (naps for mom, dad, and Pete), and we had a delicious dinner. We really took it easy and just chilled. We didn't want to get too worked up, and it had been a really hectic weekend. I'll get into that later. :)

My favorite part of the new church outfits were the hats. Andi and I both got fascinators. Andi's is just a clip, a fancy hair bow if you will. It whipped together in ten minutes, which was my favorite part. And then there was my hat. Oh, I really think I could bring back hats...
I want to have one for every Sunday now. It was just too fun. And, again, really easy to make. I've got grand plans for several more... :)

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