Friday, April 4, 2014

Daily dos

What do we do every day?

We wait for the bus

We blow bubbles

We eat popcorn

Lots of popcorn

We get fancy (just like Nancy!)

 We go for walks

That particular walk we took some cans and bottles that David collected to the bottle return at Kroger. He got $5.70 of spending money. He's excited for the games and concerts to start at the ball fields and parks around the corner from our house. He has a plan to collect the returnables and save money all summer. I'm not sure what he wants to save for but he says he won't spend any of it because he wants to buy special things and it is too hard for him to get money to spend it on silly stuff. Very wise of him.

Other things we do regularly:

Ride bikes around the neighborhood
Walk to the library
Walk to the park
Walk down Main Street

With the weather getting warmer I'm sure we will really start exploring and adding to this list. I'm so glad the snow has finally melted!!

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