Saturday, November 22, 2014

A dessert I am thankful for

It is a really good thing these are only sold for a month or so every year. It is amazingly easy to eat a single box in one sitting. Our first winter here, when I first discovered Candy Cane Joe Joes, I did just that on accident. Twice.

So this last week when I made the special trip to Trader Joe's, imagine my joy to see boxes of my favorite cookie!! I got my turkey, a box of Candy Cane Joe Joes, AND a box of their new gluten free Candy Cane Joe Joes for Andrea!! She was so happy! So I wasn't able to get the advent calendar (they'd run out completely within a week of getting them, boo. That's two years in a row I've missed out on getting them for the kids). But I got the good cookies! Probably the only box we're getting this year, I only make the trek to Trader Joes once a month. So I'd better savor those cookies!!

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