Sunday, November 2, 2014

A place I'm thankful for

I got to the temple on Thursday. It really is a quiet, peaceful place. I was glad to go, though I totally fought sleep through the whole session. It was just so still and quiet I couldn't help nodding off every once and a while. I tried hard not to, but this has been an exhausting week.

All fatigue aside, it was a really wonderful opportunity to take a moment and contemplate something more than what is immediately before me. Reminders of the big picture is nice. While I'm still struggling with some faith-related issues, one thing I've continued to appreciate is the serenity and beauty of the temple and the promises found there.

I saw an old friend while I was at the temple!
Sister Mo'unga! So good to see her again before she heads home in a couple months. She is an awesome missionary that served a long while in our old ward. We swapped crazy hair stories all the time. :)

Ps- the Blogger App? Love it! Writing blogs on my phone is so much easier than downloading pictures, uploading pictures, then writing the blog on the computer. This might just mean that I'll be blogging more regularly. ;)

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