Saturday, November 8, 2014

A number I am thankful for

My lucky number has always been 7. Not sure why, but it always has. So some things in sevens:

The week. I like that every seventh day I get a day of rest.

7 Harry Potter books. Need I say more?

Seven deadly sins. Glad there's only seven. ;)

7 o'clock is bedtime in our home. That is a really great part of my day!

7 o'clock in the morning is when my daycare opens every morning. Can't wait to clock in when young Mr. O arrives for his first day.

July is the seventh month, and I love the 4th of July! I'm a big fan of fireworks. They make me laugh and cry. And then I have friends who were married July 7th of 2007. Jamie is one of my dearest friends and I always think of her on July 7th!

David is 7! And he's the best little 7-year-old I know! :)

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