Monday, November 3, 2014

A food I am thankful for

I am a total fan of a whole, roast chicken. It is a food everyone in my family will eat, and I can adjust seasoning to suit our tastes for the day. After that I strip the chicken down to the bare bones and make as much broth as possible. Chicken soup can be stretched into chicken pot pie soup, which can be stretched into chicken pot pies. Shredded chicken can be seasoned and turned into tacos or sandwiches, leftovers can be stretched into tamales, and even a tiny bit of chicken can make a couple dozen tamales. It is always fun to see how far I can stretch a roast chicken. My record is six dinners, I wonder if I could make it seven. :)

When it comes to food I'm most grateful that my family is able to eat full meals everyday and we never have to go hungry. There was a little while when we first moved to Michigan where, even stretching as much as I could, I skipped meals to save food for my kids and they were still constantly hungry. I am so grateful that time is over and we are all able to have full bellies. The experience has made me hyper aware of those who don't have the same luxuries and go to bed hungry. It makes me appreciate the Bishop's Storehouse. It makes me want to give in a very big way to charities that give food to hungry children. Someday, hopefully very soon, we are able to be generous donors to such organizations.

So speaking of chicken, guess what we had for dinner last night? I've got big plans for those leftovers. ;)

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