Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Something warm I am thankful for

On this blustery, snowy day I am most thankful for a warm coat. My mom got me this amazing black, down coat with a faux fur trim. It has an incredible fleece lining, hits my knees, and keeps me incredibly warm. The first time I tried it on we had been putting off turning on our heater and it was pretty chilly in the house. I put it on, pulled the hood down over my head, and the warmth took over and I fell asleep. The coat makes me want to hibernate sometimes!! It has been a long time since I've had such a nice, warm coat. Last winter was tough, I froze a lot of the time. But I have a feeling this winter will be cozy, though hopefully not filled with naps. :)

Kids are nearly all better. Coughs are subsiding, stuffy noses are clearing up. Now if David could just stop re-hurting his foot! Not sure what to do about that kid and his little sprained foot. :(

Five weeks until Christmas, guys. I'm starting to panic just a bit. My list is as follows: slip-covers and curtains (paid gig), kid crafts, Emma's gift (WHA????), kid gifts. David has asked for Legos, Andrea has asked for a rainbow unicorn. If you have any leads on a rainbow unicorn please pass them along because I am at a complete loss and I really don't want to MAKE another unicorn (I've got enough sewing projects on my plate, thankyouverymuch). And then there is Peter. I bet I could make him something and slap a picture of Bob the Builder on there and he'd be happy. He loves cars. I'll probably get him another toy car...

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