Thursday, November 20, 2014

Something soft I am thankful for

 I am thankful for our dear cat, Susan. She's a little cuddlebug in the evenings, and just when I'm ready to wind down she's ready to settle into my lap and be a warm, comforting companion. She's been a big help with my depression, too. Something about having a cuddly animal friend to stroke and scratch is very soothing and calming.  Periods of high stress require Susan, I've found.

Susan has been a little feisty since the snows started. She doesn't like the cold. At all. So she doesn't really like to go outside anymore. But it has stopped her from running and hunting her feistiness out and so she gets a little spastic with us. At least we don't have dead mice showing up on our front porch any more.
The littles bundled up this morning for story time at the library. I really didn't want to go, I've come down with strep throat. But the kids needed out of the house. Arming myself with hand sanitizer and carefully not interacting with anyone but my kids, we bundled up and walked to the library (Jonathan took the car to work). When we got home the kids played for an hour in the front yard. Peter was so happy to get out! Now he's really tired, so I anticipate him taking a long nap this afternoon. Yay!

I love his "new" snow suit! It is a nice one from Jonathan's co-worker whose son had outgrown it. It is the highest quality set we've ever had, and it kept Peter warm. I am so grateful for hand-me-downs!

And now I need more honey-lemon tea to warm my belly and soothe my throat.

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