Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A word I am thankful for


That's my word: sorry.

I say it a lot, I hear it a lot, and I'm almost more grateful for the response: it is okay. Followed by a hug and a smile, and then off to happily finish the day. Well, at least that is how I would like it to be most of the time.

We've actually been working on the steps of an apology in our home. 1) I'm sorry I did ABC. 2) I will fix it by doing XYZ. 3) Will you forgive me? It has led to my older kids really thinking about their actions more. I appreciate that. But it has also made me think about my actions, too. Praying my "I'm sorry" is a little different when the apology includes the action I will take to remedy the situation in a way it didn't before. I hope my kids see a difference in me as I've seen in them.

I made wassail today. Yum yum! It actually started as a concentrated dose of spice water that I am using to make soap. And then the spicey, holiday scent filled the house and Andrea started asking when would the Waffle Juice be ready?? And I thought that a very good question myself! So we made up the wassail.

Last night we took the kids with us to the polls as we voted.

It wasn't a complete victory for us here in Michigan, but we are happy with what we got. And so we will work with the leaders the people appointed. I hope they are willing to work with us.

I'm interviewing a daycare parent tomorrow. I'm excited!! I'll have to post pictures of our new playroom arrangements. The kids love it! :)

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