Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cub Scouts at the Pistons

The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Detroit Pistons sponsored a Scout Night last night. Steeply discounted tickets included the game, a souvenir hat and patch, a free-throw shot on the court, a movie with pizza and popcorn, and sleeping in the arena.

The game was pretty intense. It was really close most of the game, and the Pistons won by four points. Nuts!! I enjoy watching basketball. It feels faster than some sports, and has less posturing than professional football.

The kids had fun, and were an enthusiastic crowd. The yelled at all the right point, cheered loudly and heartily for our team, and rocked out to Sebastian Bach during half time.

After the game the boys went down to shoot a basket.

And then we set up "camp" with the rest of the pack before heading in for a movie on the jumbo tron. It was a cut movie, Echo, came out a couple or so years ago. David liked it. But it finished up at 1:00, and then we finally headed back to our bed.

I was so grateful for the air mattress. No way would I have been able to sleep on that floor. It was hard enough as it was because the lights didn't really get that dim when turned off, and David saws logs worse than an old man. Next pack overnight I'm bringing ear plugs.

They needed us out by 8:00, so we were up and packed by 7:30 which means we are still both very tired.

Rather than head home just to have to turn around and leave for the Primary program practice we headed straight to the church. We stopped at Trader Joes and grabbed some things for breakfast and then headed for the church building. I'm not sure how much good we will bring to the practice, David and I are both pretty useless. I have a feeling we will both be taking naps this afternoon. But, especially according to David, it was so worth it!!

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