Thursday, November 6, 2014

Peter's 2nd Birthday

Peter is absolutely in love with Bob the Builder. He gets so excited when we turn it on and goes nuts.

 So for Peter's birthday a few weeks ago I made a construction themed cake. He was more excited about those little construction toys than he was the cake. He saw it and yelled "Iss Bob the Build!"

 And then he enjoyed the cake...

 A lot... :)
We found a tool set second-hand on Craigslist. Peter's pretty happy to have his set. He's a good aim with the hammers, too. And he got FOUR Bob the Builder DVDs from Gran and Baba. He was in 2-year-old heaven.

Peter is a chatty two-year-old. Lately his favorite phrase has been "What happened?" He asks that about everything. And "Why?" in a really whiny way when I tell him no. He and David are great buddies. He gets very excited to see David coming home from school and runs to give him a hug. He loves to dance, and if you say, "What does the fox say?" he starts dancing and yelling "Ka-ka-ka-ka-kow!" He climbs the ladders at the park, scares me to death every time, and will only go on the big kid slides, you know the ones that are designated for ages 5 and up? Yeah, those big ones.

We're so glad that Peter is healthy now. We were so tired of doctors and getting blood drawn, tests and more tests. We are grateful that he's back to normal.

So it may be a few weeks late, but Happy Birthday little guy!!! :D

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