Thursday, November 20, 2014

Something in my home I am thankful for

I inherited many of my Grandmother's samplers. We have one in every room, two in the hall, two in the kitchen. I love these samplers, they remind me of Grandma. I have a lot of fond memories from days spent in Amagansett during the summers. When I was a teenager my grandparents moved to North Carolina, and I swear that house was haunted, but we had a lot of fun visiting there, too. 

I particularly remember one visit when Grandma had just started driving again after a surgery had restricted her driving ability. She kept trying to fiddle with the cruise control and would forget to maintain her speed (and lane) and would realize, suddenly, that she was going 30 mph down the highway! I laughed, but I believe my mom was afraid we were all going to die. And then, on the way to a fun little shop, The Wrinkled Egg, Grandma drove into on-coming traffic before realizing there were cars coming and she couldn't turn yet. Mom about died, Grandma yelled, "Woah!!!!", and I lost it in the back seat. It really wasn't funny, but it was.

I wish my kids had been able to meet her. They definitely would have tired her out, but I think they would have loved her as much as I did. :)

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