Sunday, November 9, 2014

An emotion I'm thankful for

This was another challenge I kind of struggled with. How do you be grateful for an emotion? So I went and consulted that great compendium of knowledge, Wikipedia. I had quite the lesson on emotions... Learned a lot of different theories. Further studies must ensue.

But I finally settled on gratitude.

I have a lot to be grateful for when I really take a look around. I've been mentioning a few of them with this challenge, but there are a few things I express gratitude for every day: my children, the Suburban, a house to live in, and food to fill my kids' bellies.

I'm also happiest when my family is grateful for things, a small recognition of some of what I do everyday. Granted, that happens very rarely, but when my kids thank me for making a meal for them I appreciate it. When they thank each other for sharing their toys or Halloween candy without being prompted (the sharing or the thanks), it makes my heart happy. It makes me understand why God loves the grateful soul; it is nice to have your hard work appreciated. :)

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