Saturday, June 18, 2016


We cleaned house this morning. We were late getting started because I'd forgotten to restock our cleaning supplies so we had to make a quick run to Kroger and the pet shop. Then we got to work. 

We took a break after lunch and went to the local movie theater and saw Finding Dory. It was cute. Predictable, but fun.

We got home, cleaned the rat cage and mopped the kitchen (the last two chores on the list) then headed to the beach.

I brought along our strawberries and some grapes as snacks, but the majority of the time the kids spent in the water.

They are all much more confident swimmers at the lake than they are in a pool and I'm really not sure why that is...

 They played at the play structure for a bit, but when I have the 10 minute warning they raced back to the water.  It was nice. The day was warm, and water was cool but not cold. It was perfect. 

After we got home quick showers were in order. Dinner, then a trip to the ice cream shop as a thank you for a job well-done today.

They were very well behaved waiting in the long line and laughed at an old man's teasing and jokes.

Now they are getting settled in bed. They do not know it, but I'm leaving in an hour and a half to pick up Jonathan. They think he is coming home some time tomorrow and that we will get him after church. I've just been telling them "We will see him Sunday" and they have been filling in gaps as they pleased. I can't wait to see their faces in the morning when they see him!

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