Saturday, June 4, 2016


We got up early-ish for a Saturday. A friend's daughter was competing in the feis today and we wanted to go lend our support. That and who doesn't love accordion music? ;)

Andrea supplied most of the pictures for the day...

I got one... Though not with our dancer, how lame was that?

At lunch we took a quick break and ran over to the scout shop for some supplies. 

And then we were back. We watched M dance and then left. Andrea came away with a couple souvenirs. She asked for lessons for her birthday, and a few family members pitched in to help get that for her. Dance class starts in another week. She's pretty excited. 

After the feis we went straight to our pack's June camp out. 

The kids had tons of energy to run off. And they got to make paper rockets and shoot them off. It was pretty fun.
They climbed around and dug in the dirt. My kids ended up completely filthy.
Dinner was a disaster by all accounts. It started raining, and then rained harder and harder. And the sausages were taking FOR. EV. ER. to cook I the tinfoil dinners. Mine took an hour. And then after dinner Peter, who had been showing signs he needed to pee but was ignoring my questions, decided he really did need to pee. Only it was too late. We made it to a tree before he started peeing himself. We left before dessert.

But hey, we sure had a lot of fun playing in the rain. :)

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