Sunday, June 12, 2016


Today was a busy sabbath. We got up quickly, drank our smoothies and changed, then were out the door at 7:45. I wanted to stop in and water at the garden because it had been a couple days and they REALLY needed the water after that 91* day. Everything looked good! I'm hoping that Tuesday actually provides some rain so it will make weeding easier. I think I'm going to just make a day of it at the garden on Tuesday either way. It needs the attention.

I subbed on the organ today. I decided that right now I just can't do that when Jonathan is not home. Peter and David BOTH marched up to the stand with me during the opening song. Peter was running around the stand during the sacrament hymn. It was a nightmare. A wonderful sister sat with them and tried to keep everyone in check but they just refused to listen. So that sister ended up on the stand during the sacrament, and then when Peter ran down to our seat during the water another young man went and sat with him. Christian managed to keep Peter under better control so he sat with me through the rest of the meeting and managed the kids very well through the remaining hymns and prayers. But I need to do something about keeping them I their dern seats!! Yeesh. Jonathan won't always be around and I play the organ, it is a skill few possess and thus one which is in high demand. The kids need to learn to listen to me and sit still after I've told them to, even if I'm not there with them.  Ugh.

We had dinner tonight with our friends, the Bacons. I love them! They are a cute little family expecting another baby Bacon in September. They said they wanted to give me a break while Jonathan was gone and so they invited us over. Everything was delicious and I really enjoyed the company.

It was a good Sabbath.

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