Thursday, June 9, 2016


Andrea had a field trip that I volunteered to chaperone on. We went to the Kensington Farm, which was fun. The kids enjoyed the tour. They are all getting the end of year itch. One more week, guys!! School is out next Wednesday.

I had dropped Peter off to play with a friend while I went to the farm. I picked him up, and between picking him up and the five minute drive home he fell asleep and got sick fast. I took his temp and it was 102.3!!!

So we just hunkered down for the afternoon. Every time he wandered off I would find him curled up in bed. Then he'd come find me moaning and crying. He was just so uncomfortable. I ran up to Kroger and got him some stuff to get his fever down. We got comfort food for dinner. I called a couple brothers and got someone to come give Pete a blessing. After that he went to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

I don't know why but my kids get random fevers a lot. They aren't usually that high though. Poor guy was pretty miserable. Hopefully he gets feeling better soon.

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