Friday, June 10, 2016


Peter was still a little warm this morning but he started sweating mid-afternoon so I think we are done with this fever. Yay.

Peter and I went to Andrea's kindergarten celebration. They sang us a bunch of songs and we all watched a slideshow of their year in kindergarten. I can't believe this school year is already finished!

Andrea had the best teacher, very camp and patient and just what Andi needed to do her best this year. I'm so grateful for Mrs. L and so proud of Andrea and all her hard work. 

So now we have the weekend and then two and a half more days of school. I am really looking forward to the summer. 

We got David and I signed them out of school early. The kids have been wanting to run a lemonade or sno-cone stand this summer so we went to the city offices to find out what the city ordinances were   We don't want to be shut down for not following the rules. So now we are all set! David is taking his birthday money and investing in supplies. They are planning it pretty well, I think they will have a lot of success.

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