Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday shenanigans

We went to the Livingston Airshow today. It was hot and bright and we drank out waterbottles dry in about 15 minutes.

The kids were so excited to tour this C47 (I think that's what it was, David told me and he probably remembers, he's good at remembering little details).

After the airshow we went to the Balloon Festival. We parked in the ward building parking lot that is across the street. The elders were there handing out free Popsicles. One of the elders actually served in our ward last year! Always so fun to see where they are after they leave our ward.

We wandered around the arts fair portion for a while and stopped in to make a craft and kill some time before the balloon launch.

We got to get into a basket and take a picture. Those baskets are small and I would be afraid of falling out!!

After that we found a place to set out a blanket and I saved our spot while the kids played on a playground behind me. We were all pretty excited when the launch finally got under way. They got up quickly once they got started.

It was a lot of fun. We got home tired and thirsty (we refilled those bottles four times while we were there) and hungry. But we all had fun and everyone went to bed without complaint. That is always a good indicator of how much fun was had in a day. :)

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