Thursday, June 23, 2016


Tuesday morning I got a text from a friend. She was headed to the zoo and wondered if we wanted to join her. I'd already been planning on the zoo that day so that just gave me the motivation to get up and out there earlier. 

The new penguin exhibit is pretty stellar. I've been before with the littles, but this was the first time David had seen it. The ramp down to the observation tunnels has an IMAX-like video playing of the deck of a ship. One scene is a calm day, another is a starry night, and the third is a rough storm at sea. I can handle the calm day and night, but the storm messes with my head and I fell last time I walked down the ramp. I don't do well with IMAX videos, the screen alone makes me feel sick. So I insisted the kids wait for the storm video to end before walking down the ramp. David was so upset with me! But the second that calm day segment started I sprinted down! I made it. And I allowed David to go back so he could experience the storm. And I didn't trip or toss my cookies.

Our friend had to take off at lunch, so we made a go of the rest of the zoo on our own. We got to the back of the zoo and I determined the mild stomach ache I'd woken up with was just getting worse. I was tired and beat, so we took the train back to the front. It made up for the fact that we wouldn't be seeing all of the animals the kids wanted to see. David was very understanding and helpful. He said I looked like I was dying. Great.

We got home, David turned on a movie for the kids, and I took a terrific nap. A couple days later I'm feeling better. It was a weird bug. I'm really grateful for my understanding and helpful David.

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