Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We got a late start this morning. Everyone was pretty beat after our late night last night.

After getting the bigs to school the little and I went to Milford Feed. It is a cute little building tucked back amongst a bunch of houses and you really wouldn't know it was there. I truly stumbled on it about a year ago and was intrigued but hadn't ever had a need for it. 

Well, I decided to stop in there first to see if they had straw. I didn't want to have to drive the 15 minutes out to Tractor Supply id I could find what I needed in town. Sure enough they had small bales of straw for sale and they were exactly what I needed.

So I took my new straw up to the garden and weeded two more plots and put the straw in around my potatoes. 

While weeding the potato patch I came across one potato bug and a number potato bug eggs. I'm glad I caught them. I'm going to go back tomorrow and inspect every single plant again. Potato bugs are the last thing I want in that side of the garden where all of my tomatoes and peppers (also nightshades and also preferred snacking plants for potato bugs) are all planted.

On our way to pick up the kids a turtle was trying to cross the road in front of us. Peter and I stopped and helped her across the road in the direction she was headed. Silly thing was fast but would not have made it past a car.

We all went to the library after pickup and got a few things printed and a couple books each. David picked up Artemis Fowl. I'm curious what he'll think of those books.

 The goofballs were being silly in front of the wavy mirrors and didn't know I was taking their picture. :)

We got home, had dinner, and the kids worked on something special for their teachers. Last day of school tomorrow!


  1. You're such a fun mom, Caroline! I love (LOVE) reading your blog, it reminds me of all the awesome things my mom used to do with us. All those trips to the library, park, garden, and ice cream store became my happy childhood memories.

    1. Thanks! I hope the kids remember these days as happily as you remember yours. :)