Friday, June 3, 2016


Last night Andrea was dodging Jonathan's hugs and kisses. He said "I'm going to be gone for a long time so I've got to get them in now!"
She was a little confused. "What?"
"Yep." I said. "Daddy is leaving on an airplane for training tomorrow. He's going to be gone for two weeks... Half the month of June... Fifteen days!"

With each statement her eyes got wider until she could stand it anymore and broke down in tears. She crawled into her daddy's lap and just sobbed.

She spent the rest of the evening giving him extra hugs and kisses.

After we dropped J off at the airport this morning we got home and got ready for school. Andi FINALLY lost that tooth that has been dangling all week. 

Peter and I kept busy all day. I made several chicken freezer meals. We had one for dinner tonight. Tennessee BBQ chicken, potato wedges, watermelon, and artichokes. It was all delicious.

Then we made today's trip to the garden.

We planted some merrigolds around our lettuce plot. Keeps the critters away.

Andi so loved planting them she asked to take a picture or two (or 20).

When we got home the kids hurried into pjs. Peter wandered around in a diaper for a bit. Then while helping the big kids with brushing their teeth Peter disappeared. I went to find him and found this:

He'd gone and put himself to bed and fallen asleep within minutes of my last seeing him. What a goofy kid.

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