Thursday, June 9, 2016


I learned after the 0% chance rain storms. It was just a little cloudy and so I drove the kids to school.

And then Pete and I went for a ride/jog. It rained. I was right. We saw a few turtle nests. They had all been raided by a critter and there were broken eggs everywhere. It was a little sad. I saw one egg that had been untouched and was still in the hole. I covered it but I doubt there's much hope.

After our ride/jog we went into the Y. I dropped Pete off at the child watch and I got to take a shower. Alone!!!

We ran a couple errands and then picked up the kids. We stopped in at the garden but there wasn't any water in our barrels so nothing to do. Fortunately with three days of rain it didn't need watering. Yay

Dinner and bed.

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