Monday, June 6, 2016


Today was a pretty quiet day. The big kids got off to school alright and Peter and I spent the day doing laundry.

Andrea volunteered to make breakfast. She made scrambled eggs. I usually have her scramble two per person but we upped that recently to two per person plus two. Well, apparently my kids need a full dozen eggs because by the time I got to the pan they'd cleaned it out. After an hour I got to Peter's leftovers.

It is really sad how often that happens. I should really plan a better breakfast for myself.

After I got a loaf of bread into the machine Pete and I headed to the post office and then to Kroger. It was our only errand we completed that day. We had planned to go to the garden but we had some freak thunderstorms about the time the kids were heading home from school. I had checked the weather, 0% chance of rain all day, and yet it rained as they were riding home and then thunderstorms for a couple hours after! The weather still said 0% chance of rain DURING the storm.

We had dinner, FHE, and then the kids went to bed. I folded more clothes, hung some more, and now the day is done.

Andrea is counting down with me. 12 days.

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